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Form Cut Pasta Products

ana pasta macaroni dish

Ana Pasta food factory manufactures wide range of short cut macaronis in various packaging sizes. Our Elbow, Fusilli and Shell shapes of our macaroni products are very well known as all other pasta and spaghetti products.

Shell ana pasta shell macaroni Tubetti ana pasta tubetti
Elbow ana pasta elbow macaroni Creste ana pasta creste macaroni
Wheel ana pasta wheel macaroni Fusilli ana pasta fusilli macaroni
Vermicelli ana pasta vermielli Rice ana pasta rice macaroni
Lumache ana pasta lumache macaroni    

Any other shapes or sizes of pasta and macaroni are available by order.


Products Packs per carton box X Package weight
Shell 20x400g. , 30x400g. , 20x500g. , 24x500g.
Tubetti 20x400g. , 25x400g. , 20x500g. , 24x500g.
Elbow 20x400g. , 25x400g. , 20x500g. , 24x500g.
Creste 20x400g. , 30x400g. , 20x500g. , 24x500g.
Wheel 30x400g. , 20x500g. , 24x500g.
Fusilli 20x400g. , 30x400g. , 20x500g. , 24x500g.
Lumache 20x400g. , 30x400g. , 20x500g.
Rice 30x400g. , 20x500g. , 24x500g.
Vermicelli 30x400g. , 20x500g. , 24x500g.