Ana pasta durum wheat semolina long cut pasta, spaghetti and fettucini
ana pasta spaghetti macaroni

Long Cut Pasta Products

ana pasta spaghetti fettucini


ana pasta macaroni ana pasta macaroni ana pasta fettucini
Spaghetti Bucatini Fettucini

Any other shapes or sizes of Spaghetti, Bucatini or Fettucini are available by order.


Products Packs per carton box X Package weight
spaghetti 20x400g. , 30x400g. , 20x500g. , 24x500g. 25x700g. , 20x900g.
Bucatini 20x400g. , 25x400g. , 20x500g. , 24x500g.
Fettucini 20x400g. , 25x400g. , 20x500g. , 24x500g.